Friday, April 1, 2011

Go Elly Domain Registration Takes on Go Daddy

Did you hear the one about the CEO who thinks that the way to save an endangered species is to kill it? The one who believes the objectification of women is an entertaining and useful sales tool? Yes, I'm talking about Bob Parsons, the CEO of Go Daddy, the Internet registrar and web host service.

This week he published a video on his blog of a trip to Zimbabwe. He and a hunting party claim they went there to help villagers who have been troubled by human-elephant conflict. His video of killing a bull elephant and the subsequent butchering of the meat has offended many people who care even slightly about animals. His delight taken in this act of barbarism toward a member of an endangered species is driving a segment of his customers to transfer their domain registrations away from Go Daddy as soon as possible.

Are you looking for a new domain registrar? You're in luck. I just received this press release:


Go Elly Domain Registration Takes on Go Daddy

April 1, 2011

In response to Go Daddy CEO Bob Parson's recent trip to kill a member of our species, the African elephants of Zimbabwe have decided to enter his arena. Go Elly is a new domain registration service catering to anyone who loves and respects animals, especially elephants. We offer compassionate domain registration of .com, .net, .org and more Internet names.

Although the idea of African elephants providing this service may be surprising, we are actually well acquainted with online services. The tracking collars some of us wear allow us full access to the Internet. Go Elly will provide fast, accurate processing of your domain name purchases and transfers while researchers will still have full knowledge of our whereabouts at all time.

We look forward to working with everyone who is offended by domain service owners who devalue women and animals.

Company History 

Go Elly is a new entrant into the world of domain registration. At this time our website is still a work in progress. If you are interested in our services and looking for the link to place your order, please check the date on this press release. Thank you.

# # #

Oh dear, it looks like the elephants got a bit ahead of themselves. Go Elly isn't ready for business after all, so I found several options for transferring your domain to a more compassionate host. If you act quickly, you can get great pricing and have part of the price donated to Save The Elephants or Heifer International. Read The Elephant in Bob Parsons’ Business for all the information you need. It also explains more about Bob Parsons and what is wrong with this entire hunting incident.

Update: Looks like the elephants got back to work and have their domain registration and web hosting ready to go. Ok, we actually found some good resources and built a page for them. The good news is that we will make a donation to support elephants for every order placed through our special links on Go Elly - Elephant Friendly Domain Registration and Web Hosting Services

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  1. If you are able to take a moment to join the thousands of people who are letting GoDaddy execs hear directly how we view this behavior, please go to Thank you!


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